HUMAN RESOURCES – Hot of the Press

When it comes to an affair with the young software company, the HR is always the anytime happening place!

Human Resources department in general seems to be the least understood in many senses, as most say it’s just about paperwork and maintaining employee records. The most ironic part is that the HR personnel are regarded non-billable assets of the company and assumed to have less accountability, with no given targets and competition to face. It’s in fact just more than that – the HR Department is an Engine with almost every component extremely vital, in the likes of Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Conflict resolution, Training, Comp & Benefits etc.  The struggles and pressure mounts during the times of tax closing season, business expansion, change management etc and these are concealed in the smiles of your HR personnel.

….and YES! This article may help to break the stupid notions of people about their very roles!

Imagine a start-up setup aka “the survival game” , and it can only get more intense as people and profit are directly connected. Bringing on-board bright and right resources on-time ticking all the boxes is a real challenge, beating the tough market talent competition. All gaps have to be closed at a quick-fire speed and the decisions, Good or Bad, are mostly made devoid of a thought process. HR Personnel, with no time to relax must cope with all that and stabilise environment by negotiating and convincing management showing them the possible causes and effects from the work floor. Furthermore, they have to balance the act with employees who normally may end up doing more, by spending extra hours and additional responsibilities in a turbulent start-up environment.

As I ran through the busy schedules of Machint’s HR team Manager Tulasi and the Senior Recruiter Ram, in quest to understand their activity in a nutshell, some really interesting things transpired and I am truly amazed to know how versatile them both are!

Tulasi, Our HR Manager said all in one single statement – “The better I do my part responsibly on giving HR service to the organisation, the less visible the work gets”. The further bold extension to her statement is that, at the point when everybody in a group is happy, satisfied, and engaged, the business can work as the organizer imagined – and the founder may neglect the significance of the background work put together by the HR Personnel, – it’s just faded an conceived.

Ram on the other hand, casted light on the few points to say that – for the existence and the best performance of any company the HR team should be the strongest. Though Ram has personal attachment with most of the staff, when it comes to adhering to the policies of the company, there is no one above, other than the HR Policy itself.

The HR Department holds the cluster of departments from the centre and ensures intact connection all around, providing life to the organization by nurturing and cultivating resources. It’s clearly not just hiring, welcoming employees and paperwork it’s more to empower, motivate and encourage people by understanding and creating environment that ensures the best utilization the capacity and capabilities. Doing it for people = Doing it for the organisation!

To support this statement, I am quoting few roles which HR Personnel play as per below:

  • Advocacy for employees ensuring satisfaction
  • Statutory compliances with personalization
  • Build and tell stories to attract talent, beyond $ negotiation.
  • Ideating Employee engaging programmes

To conclude, the organisation essentially runs on the path laid by the HR Department. The HR personnel are the most articulated, which is the reason behind many successful organisations.

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