Find the right automation solution for your business needs with Machint, Wielding our deep-rooted experience and expertise across industries, we help our clients’ transformation digitally in an intelligent, innovative and effective manner, helping organizations thrive as a smart industry leader.
Our products come with a perfect mix of automation and AI to help forward-looking organizations enhance their core strengths, reduce their weakness and empower their teams to focus on efficiency

vGroLead Management Solution

vGro is a smart and adaptive lead management tool that helps sales agents to optimize their time and improve their throughput by prioritizing leads, optimizing agent time, increasing productivity and maximizing sales.

MDoctorIntelligent Tele Medicine Tool (Connect with your doctor remotely)

MDoctorPlus is one-stop application for all healthcare and medical needs of a user filling the gap between the patient and doctor. The app is aimed at offering hassle-free appointment booking for both doctors & patients.

MHealthIntelligent Health Kit (Know your vital information)

A portable health checkup kit with integrated medical devices which connect by Bluetooth to a 10” android tablet. It is a cloud-based solution and only requires internet.

MKYCIntelligent Video KYC with OCR and FR features

Give your customers a digital edge with instant KYC solution that comes with OCR and Facial Recognition feature. One-stop shop for all your Video KYC needs.

MChatAI-based Chat Bot

MChat is an AI-powered that offers an end-to-end chat platform to automate customer support, improve customer engagement and increase customer acquisition.

MITAIntelligent Test Automation framework with AI features

MITA will empower you to outmaneuver competition and get test results back to development faster, reducing risk and cost by fixing defects earlier.

MOCRIntelligent OCR with AI and ML features

Our OCR solution supports the recognition of printed and hand-printed text in multiple languages. MOCR is an easy to implement and generates 100% accurate results.

MICAIntelligent Case Management Platform

MICA helps businesses keep their IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure while centrally managing, monitoring, tracking, patching, and protecting your computers, devices, and software – all from a single platform.

MFaceIntelligent Facial Recognition Platform

With MFace, businesses can digitally check-in all their visitors, while eliminating the hectic paperwork, improving visitor management and strengthen premises security. Easy to integrate, MFace is highly customizable.

MDocsIntelligent Content & Document Management Tool

MDocs is an easy-to-use, AI-powered multi-user file management system that supports dynamic & structured interactions. It comes loaded with multi-tasking fast file manager to make document management a hassle-free experience.

MSmartIoT-based smart applications (Waste Management & Asset Tracking)

Our smart application platform enables enterprises to conduct holistic, cost-effective physical audits, configure multi-level workflows for inter and intra unit transfers.

MDATAIntelligent Data Migration Tool with RPA features

A comprehensive and end-to-end managed data service for firms across industries. A complete toolkit for building data pipelines, MData provides a platform for marketing, sales, customer support, and developers.

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