QA & Testing Services

Machints quality assurance is designed using cognitive capabilities to eliminate possible errors and highly focuses on processing quality output which includes

  • Systematic measurement
  • Comparison with a standard
  • Monitoring of processes and
  • An associated feedback loop

Quality processing:
With Machint Quality assurance has a redefined and recreated qualityphase that are automated and intelligent – the major building blocks of quality ensure quicker delivery, with enhanced quality followed by better customer experience with a process flow

  • Outline: Sketch a simplified outline relating to company’s objectives and determine the processes required to deliver a high-Quality product.
  • Execute: place the executed outline in lieu with company’s objectivesand resources available.
  • InspectMonitor, modify and analyze on predetermined objectives
  • Perform: Implement secureand essential actions that are quality assured to achieve improvements in the processes.

At Machint, we embed Intelligence and Automation as the core constructs of quality assurance, using cognitive capabilities and a lifecycle approach to automation.

Quality Insights:
Implementation of QA analytics using AI and machine learning from the early stage to identify defects and aid in optimizing which help in building products and services that are beyond perfect.

Process Testing:
AI powered Test Automation Frameworks (TAF) for enhanced customer experience and team collaboration, with MITA our customized framework which ensures that test cases are easily written and understood in a language generic to all for having stronger impact over the implementation – thus enabling teams to effectively provide better results to meet business needs.

In-Sprint Automation:
Test Automation solution that doesn’t include dialogues to facilitate continuous testing of mobile and web applications in DevOps and Agile environments.

Bot-assisted Testing:
We have robots configured for automated testing of human-machine and machine-machine interactions at the physical–digital boundary for IoT.

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Quality Assurance & Testing