Machint Solutions Launches vGro Amidst Industry Heads

Machint Solutions, a Hyderabad-headquartered startup specialized in product development and software services has launched its innovative digital platform, vGro. The mobile-first agent networking platform enables enterprises to drive more sales through effective lead filtering, distribution and conversions using AI/ML capabilities. The latest automation entrant was launched in partnership with Appian, a low-code BPM platform.

vGro was launched during an event in the city in the presence of several dignitaries from the world of banking and financial services and new channels.

vGro is a smart and adaptive sales automation solution that helps agents on the ground to optimize their time, improve lead throughput and boost their earnings by cross/up selling. It is adaptable for global businesses across Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecom, Pharma, Travel and Hospitality sectors. vGro’s low-code platform ensures minimal onboarding time for a business where organizational structure, customers, products, commissions, partners and clients can be configured with a lean development lifecycle.

Launched with the motto of ‘Let’s Grow Together’, vGro comes loaded with unique features backed by AI/ML to make the complete sales lifecycle efficient by prioritizing quality leads, optimizing agent’s time, increasing productivity and improving RoI for organizations.

Telangana Today | vGro

“Machint Solutions was established with the sole purpose of digitally transforming the world. The recent lockdown and subsequent remote working phenomenon proved that digital transformation is the most formidable way to fight any uncertainty. vGro is just one of the many products that we intend to launch in the coming days,” said Machint Solutions Founder & CEO Rajesh Sanakkayala, “Any organization whose sales strategy is driven by Agents on the ground should strongly consider onboarding vGro as their platform of choice.”

vGro will join Machint’s vast portfolio of smart products which includes ‘Intelligent Tele Medicine Tool (MDoctor)’, ‘Intelligent Health Kit (MHealth)’, ‘Intelligent Video KYC with OCR & FR features (MKYC)’, ‘AI- based Chat bot (MChat)’, ‘Intelligent Test Automation Framework (MITA)’, ‘Intelligent OCR with AI & ML (MOCR)’, , ‘Intelligent Case Management Platform (MICA)’, ‘Intelligent Facial Recognition platform (MFace)’, ‘Intelligent Content & Data Management tool (MDocs)’, ‘IoT Based Smart Applications for Waste Management & Asset Tracking (MSmart)’, and ‘Intelligent Data Migration tool (MData)’.

With 6 global offices across India, the US, the UK, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam, two-year old Machint Solutions was recently recognized as one of the 10 most promising intelligent automation service providers by CIOReviewIndia.

vGro will soon be available for downloads on both Playstore and Appstore.

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